Outsourcing Technology Law

Scott & Scott, LLP attorney, Brian Von Hatten, shares some important reasons companies outsource technology law related transactions and the importance of utilizing attorneys experienced in that particular legal discipline.

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Businesses have various reasons for outsourcing legal work. Reasons companies outsource general legal work include:
increased revenue generation by helping the company to transact business more quickly, managing confidentiality by
moving the matter outside the local company environment, and avoiding liability. Some important reasons companies
outsource technology law related transactions include:
 a lack of expertise in the technical subject matter
 a lack of knowledge concerning applicable regulations or law that is specific to technology, e.g., data privacy
 lack of ability to identify contract provisions that are critical in the context of a technology-centric agreement
 the potential high risk involved when dealing with intellectual property
 outside technology firms potentially have the benefit of having negotiated with the party on the opposite of the
transaction in the past
 reducing costs as there may not be enough technical work for the department to justify a technical attorney in-
 time gained by not spending time establishing proficiency in an area of law that is outside the core competency
area for the legal department

When outsourcing more specialized areas of legal work such as technology, it is critical to utilize attorneys experienced
in that particular legal discipline.

About the author Brian Von Hatten:

Brian represents many large and mid-market organizations on matters related to
transactions, software licensing, and disputes. Brian’s focus includes substantial
attention to complex information technology issues for companies of all sizes.
Get in touch: bvonhatten@scottandscottllp.com | 800.596.6176

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