Judge Hellerstein says Intellectual Ventures’ valuation documents have no relevance in this case

Intellectual Ventures II L.L.C. v. JP Morgan Chase & Co., et al.

Case Number: 1:13–cv-03777–AKH

Judge Hellerstein decided three discovery disputes in Intellectual Ventures II LLC v. JP Morgan Chase & Co, et al., where United States Patents Nos. 5,745,574 (“Security infrastructure for electronic transactions”), 6,826,694 (“High resolution access control”), 6,715,084 (“Firewall system and method via feedback from broad-scope monitoring for intrusion detection”), 6,314,409 (“System for controlling access and distribution of digital property”), and 7,634,666 (“Cryptoengine for cryptographic processing of data”) are asserted against JP Morgan Chase & Co., JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., and Chase Bank USA, N.A.

First the court found that documents relating to patent valuation “have little or no relevance” and so refused to order plaintiffs to produce them. He ruled similarly with respect to requests for documents relating to Intellectual Ventures’ damages claims from other cases. With respect to plaintiff’s witnesses, he said that when Intellectual Ventures identifies witnesses (including expert witnesses), or identifies persons having knowledge of the issues, it must also identify and produce all transcripts of testimony given by those people.