EU Implementing Technical Standards on Disclosure of Group Financial Support Agreements

A Commission Implementing Regulation laying down Implementing Technical Standards on the form and content of the description of group financial support agreements in accordance with the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The BRRD sets rules for agreements under which financial support is provided among an EU parent firm and its subsidiaries in other Member States or third countries that are firms covered by the consolidated supervision of the parent undertaking. The entity receiving the support must meet certain conditions for early intervention. Under the implementing technical standards, firms party to the group financial support agreement are required to disclose certain terms on their website in a form that ensures accessibility to the public, in the same form as established for non-quantative information included in the firm’s financial statements. Minimum terms to be disclosed include the form the support may take, the principles for calculation of the consideration for the provision of the support, a general description of the seniority, maturity profile and the maximum term of loans provided as support. 

The implementing regulation will enter into force June 30, 2016.

View the implementing Regulation.