JDB 064: Interview with Avvo General Counsel Josh King

JDBlogger Josh King AvvoRecent numbers show that about 20% of the attorneys in the United States use Avvo – however ask any lawyer and they will surely have an opinion on Avvo.  Since its inception in 2007 Avvo has become one of the major players in providing consumers with online legal resources.

Many lawyers have found great value in the services Avvo offers; others have viewed Avvo as a necessary evil, and some have even sued them over rankings.  Regardless of your opinion of Avvo it can’t be ignored that they are a major force in the online legal arena.

In today’s interview I speak with Avvo Vice Present and General Counsel Josh King on topics ranging from best practices in creating you profile to whether there are ethical issues in responding to questions on Avvo’s Q&A forums.  Josh also shares his thoughts on why attorneys are often resistant to change and his views on the evolution of the way legal services are provided.

If you are active in building an online brand for your law practice (and you should be), this is a “can’t miss” episode of the JDBlogger Podcast.


Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is a new place I found to download photos for my blog posts.  In the past I had been using iStockphoto but a recent change in their pricing has made it much too expensive to continue to buy my photos there.  I came upon Dollarphotoclub.com .  They offer great photos for $1 each.  You will be required to either subscribe monthly at the rate of $10 (10 photos/additional for $1 each) or an annual subscription at $99 (99 photos/additional $1 each).  So far I have really liked the quality of the photos and the price is nice as well.


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