Your daily dose of financial news The Brief – 5.16.16

We’ve been hearing a lot about Verizon’s bid for Yahoo.  But it’s not alone. In fact, it’s bringing some odd folks to the table together.  Case in point: Warren Buffet and Quicken Loans’ Dan Gilbert – NYTimes and Bloomberg

In a year in which IPOs have been as mythical as Silicon Valley unicorns, June—traditionally the hottest month for initial public offerings—will say a lot about whether the downturn will last throughout the rest of 2016 – WSJ

While it won’t make that deadline, Chinese Uber-competitor Didi Chuxing (fresh off its billion dollar investment from Apple) is reportedly considering a US IPO as early as 2017 – Bloomberg

Start-ups aim for disruption of status quo. But when it comes to lawsuits, they’re mostly looking a lot like the old guard—it’s arbitration or bust, for employees and customers alike, all in an effort to keep litigation costs and the potential for class actions way, way down – NYTimes

NY financial regulators have subpoenaed a series of investment firms involved in seller-financed deals “for marketing inexpensive homes to lower-income people who cannot get a mortgage,” just a week or so after the CFPB opened an informal inquiry into similar financial arrangements – NYTimes

Turns out retail sales weren’t in the cellar nearly as much as anticipated.  Quite the opposite, in fact – Bloomberg

Quick tip for those accused of insider trading. Better if you don’t end up before Judge Jed Rakoff in your civil trial—no matter how scot-free you got off on the criminal side of things. (Also, probably better if you don’t contradict your previous testimony, either) – WSJ

Fair Game focused on Lending Club this weekend—in particular, the trouble caused by LC’s failure to make robust financial disclosures (in addition to a host of recent problems related to former CEO Renaud Laplanche), which likely made it harder for investors to have confidence in the company weathering this recent storm – NYTimes

File this away under “good to know” for financial crimes—when it comes to prosecuting financial crimes, extradition to the US is apparently a pretty big stick – Law360

Check out this pretty fantastic look at American innovation through the ages – NYTimes

You’ll likely not have ever heard of Kasey McCravey before.  But trust me, you’ll be glad to know she’s on our side – Deadspin