Real Madrid 2014/15 audiovisual rights for sale

Real Madrid has just published in its website that it will listen to offers from those entities who might be interested in acquiring its audiovisual rights for 2014/2015 season.

Although Real Madrid audiovisual rights had already been sold to the Spanish company Mediapro, Spanish antitrust authorities declared that such sale of rights was against to Spanish competition laws and placed sanctions on Mediapro and various football clubs, including Real Madrid, on the understanding that the stated durations in the contracting of their audiovisual rights were longer than the lengths permitted.

Real Madrid appealed the cited Spanish antitrust authorities’ decision before courts and the case is still pending. However, Real Madrid has just announced that those who are interested in their audiovisual rights should make offers to the club within seven days.

Meanwhile the future Spanish Professional Sport law seems to be forcing the sale of Spanish clubs audiovisual rights collectively. Nonetheless, no agreement has been reached yet among Spanish clubs, La Liga and the Spanish authorities. In addition, the future law is still a draft which has not released yet.