Bike Accidents: What to Do If You Have Been Injured

In the San Fernando Valley, more and more residents are “going green” and using their bikes to cruise around town. Whether riding to a new spot on Ventura Blvd for dinner or meeting friends for brunch on Calabasas Road, riding a bike can be a perfect opportunity to enjoy nice weather and help the environment, all while getting a great workout.

Many adults feel invincible on bikes, but bike accidents are not just for kids. In fact, the most recent statistics show that over 700 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles and that 84% of these bicyclists were 20 years old or older. This means that if you or your loved one are riding your bike on the same roads that drivers travel, it is important to be extra cautious.

Bike accidents most commonly take place at intersections. With 45% of bike and motorist accidents taking place at intersections, it is crucial that cyclists take certain precautions, including:

  • Making sure they are clearly visible to drivers
  • Understanding the rules of the road
  • Taking safety precautions when approaching and riding through an intersection
  • Waiting a few extra seconds after the light has turned green to cross
  • Riding defensively

These bicycle safety tips are not exhaustive. Casual cyclists may also want to consider wearing helmets as helmet use has been estimated to reduce head injury risk by 85%. In a majority of bicyclist deaths, the most serious injuries involve brain trauma and head injury. For more information about the long-term consequences and costs of a head injury, please click here.