The Roundup:Last Week’s Recommended Reading (April 10, 2015)

shutterstock_15106132Welcome to The Roundup for the week ending April 10. We have lots of thought-provoking pieces to share from last week.

From Around the Web

  • Navigating the Thin Lines Between Wasting Time, Being Too Busy, and Achieving True Productivity: In a world that bombards us with so many things that need to be done, how do we find the pace that keeps us happy, that enables us to do each thing well, and that has us going to bed with the satisfaction of knowing our day was well spent? (Apartment Therapy)
  • Why Attorneys Need to Practice Business Development: Ann marie Houghtailing offers practical advice to lawyers on how to develop this skill that was not taught in law school. (
  • Stop Trying to Be Happy, Lawyers: As good lawyers, we should examine the premise that happiness is worth achieving before we embark on its pursuit. (Lawyerist)
  • 11 Ways to De-Stress Based on How Much Time You Can Spare: You don’t need a full week in the tropics or a standby masseuse to help cope with stress. Check out this list of easy stress-relievers, based on how much time you have. (Mashable)

Image Credit: Tatiana Popova/Shutterstock