Subcontracting Smart: Labor Relations and Subcontracting Plan Obligations Between Prime Contractors and Subcontractors

Labor & Employment –

General Obligations –

– Prime is on the hook

– Flow down all obligations to the subcontractor

– Comply with all applicable labor laws


– Subcontracts usually have a general warranty

– But what else?

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Labor Relations
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Labor & Employment General Obligations
• Prime is on the hook
• Flow down all obligations to the subcontractor
• Comply with all applicable labor laws
• Subcontracts usually have a general warranty
• But what else?
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Non-Solicitation Provisions
• Protect your assets
• The risk of employee poaching
• How important are specific people to your
• Subcontract or employment contract?
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Beyond the Flow Down: OFCCP, Service Contract Act, Davis Bacon Act
• Clauses must be flowed down in full
• Attach any wage determination
• Labor classification selections – proceed with
• Investigations and withholding
• Compliance challenges
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 8
• Employee complaints of discrimination,
harassment, whistleblower
• Prime – subcontractor
• Subcontract – government
• What information do you share?
• Risks
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 9
Fair Pay Safe Workplaces
• Executive Order 13673
• Proposed Rule, 80 Fed. Reg. 30.547
• Applies to government contractors and
subcontractors with contracts over $500,000
• Requires disclosure of violations of 14 different
federal employment laws and state equivalents
• New contracts beginning in 2016
• 3-year look back requirement
• Contractors disclose corrective actions related to
• Prime contractors responsible for subcontractors
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 10
14 Federal Labor Laws:
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 11
• Fair Labor Standards Act
• Occupational Safety and Health
• Migrant and Seasonal
Agricultural Worker Protection
• National Labor Relations Act
• Davis-Bacon Act
• Service Contract Act
• Executive Order 11246 of Sept.
24, 1965 (EEO)
• Family and Medical Leave Act
• Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
• Section 503 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973
(prohibits disability
• Vietnam Era Veteran’s
Readjustment Assistance Act
• Americans with Disabilities Act
• Age Discrimination in
Employment Act
• Executive Order 13658 of Feb.
12, 2014 (contractor minimum
• State law equivalents

Fair Pay Safe Workplaces
• Prime must evaluate responsibility of
• Willful, serious or pervasive violations
• Practical implications
• Impact of information sharing on competition
• Alternatives

© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 12
Indemnification Provisions
• Consider costs outside of direct damages
• Investigation costs
• Attorneys’ fees
• Evaluate the language of the clause
• Limitations: responsibility goes beyond this

© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 13
Small Business Subcontracting Plans
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Subcontracting Plan Obligations
• Contractor’s responsibilities
• Promote the government’s objective to maximize
small business participation in federal procurements
FAR Subpart 19.7
• FAR 52.219-8, Utilization of Small Business Concerns
• FAR 52.219-9, Small Business Subcontracting Plan
• SBA’s rules at 13 C.F.R. § 125.3
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 15
Subcontracting Plan Obligations
• Types of Plans
• Individual
• Master
• Commercial
• Department of Defense Test Program for
Comprehensive Small Business Subcontracting Plan
(Comp Plan)
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 16
Compliance with Subcontracting Requirements
• Reporting obligations (FAR 52.219-9)
• Notification requirement for non-use of SBs
• Vendor identification
• Diversity
• Good faith efforts
• Implementation of policies and procedures
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 17
Why You Should Focus on Compliance
• Increased activity on Capitol Hill focusing on
subcontracting plan compliance
• Number of SBA audits are up
• Contractual requirement for prime contractors
• Potential breach issues
• Adverse past performance implications
• Evaluation factor for future procurements
• Potential of liquidated damages assessment
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 18
Best Practices
• Establish realistic goals upfront
• Limit your responsibility for flow down and
oversight of subcontracting plans by
• Know your exclusions from the subcontracting
• Thoroughly vet your SB vendors
• Current, written self-certifications of SB and
socio-economic status
• Independent verification
• Written subcontracting plan manual
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 19
SBA Audits
• Occurring with greater frequency
• Performed by SBA regional offices
• Procurement Center Representatives (PCR)
• Commercial Market Representatives (CMR)
• Contracting agencies and DCMA may also be
• Reviews may be fulsome or targeted
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 20
What to Expect During the Audit Process
• SBA will send a letter disclosing the date they
will visit your office
• Usually lasts 1-2 days
• Coordinate with Small Business Liaison Officer
• You must submit information to CMR/PCR prior
to visit:
• All subcontracts to SBs within the last year
• All subcontracts to LBs over $150,000 within the last
• All blanket purchase agreements entered into
within last year
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 21
What to Expect During the Audit Process
• SBA will select samples from each list, and will
want to see the necessary supporting
• Must complete SBA compliance review checklist
• SBA wants to see good faith efforts to comply
with plan
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 22
Audit Follow Up
• Given a rating at end of the audit process
• If rating is “Marginal” or “Unacceptable,” SBA
requires submission of corrective action plan
• Must submit it to both SBA and agency
• Failure to follow up with CA plan may result in
penalties/liquidated damages assessment
• SBA will follow up with visits to ensure that you
are implementing CA plan measures
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 23
Upcoming Subcontracting Developments
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 24
Limitations on Subcontracting Rule
• Proposed rule issued in December 2014; final rule
expected in 2016
• Proposals for subcontracting plans include:
• Before prime identifies SB by name in its proposal or
subcontracting plan, prime must notify SB in writing
• Penalties for primes that do not provide a written
corrective action plan or demonstrate good-faith effort
to comply:
• May be considered for liquidated damages under
FAR § 52.219-16
• Material breach of contract
• Must be considered in any past performance evaluation
• Referral to SBA IG if contractor makes a false statement about
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 25
Lower-Tier Subcontracting Rule
• Implements 2014 NDAA
• Proposed rule issued in 2015; final rule by end of
• Would allow prime contractors with individual
subcontracting plan to receive credit for awards
to SBs at any subcontracting tier
• Unresolved question of how to avoid “double-
counting” at lower tiers
• Increased obligations to monitor subcontractors
and enforce subcontracting plan requirements
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 26
Changes to FAR 19.7 and 52.219-9
• Proposed rule issued in 2015; finalized in 2016?
• Highlights:
• Requires subcontracting plan to list NAICS code
for each subcontract
• Permits primes to rely on subcontractor
representations in SAM
• Allows goals based on total contract dollars
© PilieroMazza PLLC 2016 27
Changes to FAR 19.7 and 52.219-9
• Highlights:
• Primes cannot prohibit subcontractor from discussing
payment or utilization matters directly with CO
• Primes must notify unsuccessful subcontract offerors
in writing
• Primes with individual subcontracting plans must
report order-level subcontracting info for multiple
award contracts
• Failure to comply in good faith with subcontracting
plan shall be a material breach of contract and may be
considered in past performance evaluation
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