BELGIUM: Important industry information – Number of casinos to increase from 9 to 11

The following paragraph was included in the coalition agreement released last week by the new Belgian government:

The government will review the Games of Chance Act of 7 May 1999 […], with the purpose of increasing the number of allowed Class 1 establishments of games of chance to 11.” (p. 88)

Class 1 establishments, as referred to in the preceding paragraph, are casinos, for which the number of licenses is currently limited to 9.

This implies two new possibilities of opening a land-based casino in Belgium, together with the possibility of exploiting or partnering up with a provider exploiting online casino games.

Further, the coalition agreement also includes a paragraph stating that the government will prepare regulations allowing international cruise ships, offering casinos or games of chance on board, to exploit these games in Belgian territorial waters up until the moment the ship makes anchorage.