Congressman Ted Lieu Sends EPA New PCB Test Results: Illegal PCB Contamination Still Widespread at Malibu High School

Congressman Ted Lieu Sends EPA New PCB Test Results showing Illegal PCBs Still Exist at the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District’s Malibu High School.

“I am sorry to hear of the difficulties that America Unites for Kids is experiencing. I am sure you will be glad to know that my office has shared your materials with Administrator Gina McCarthy at the EPA.” –Congressman Ted Lieu

When America Unites first approached Congressman Ted Lieu in 2014, he was a California State Senator. He did not represent Malibu but he instantly connected to struggle with the PCB issue every Malibu parent faced. He asked if PCBs could also be in his own kids school; we knew right then he understood the magnitude of the PCB problem. Today, as Malibu’s Congressional representative, Ted Lieu is standing up for Malibu children and teachers and is questioning EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy on why, two years later, illegal levels of PCBs still remain in the school.

New EPA certified lab results sent to the EPA demonstrate that PCB contamination at levels well beyond the limits of the Toxic Substances Control Act’s (TSCA) are still widespread throughout Malibu Middle and High School. Disturbingly, several high samples are from rooms the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District has declared remediated. In fact, two windows, which were specifically claimed to have been remediated, were retested and both still contain illegal levels of PCBs.

The EPA has been presented 31 new locations containing PCBs at levels requiring removal under federal law. These tests show that all similar caulking in doors and windows thoughout a building are contaminated. The district can no longer justify only removing 1 window or 1 door and leaving the rest untested and not remediated, as they did this past summer.

Please see attached map for more details to which rooms have illegal PCBs.

The America Unites For Kids V Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District’s PCBs lawsuit is scheduled for trial on May 17th, 2016 under case No. 2:15-cv-02124-PA-AJW.

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