Setting Goals: My 10 Tips for You

Are you finding setting goals a challenge? If so, you are not alone.  I have 10 tips I hope will help you.

Start broadly and work to specific goals.  

Think of your major definite purpose (what you want to accomplish), understand why accomplishing it is important (why), and your core values (how you want to live).  

Think of goals in the four aspects of your life. 


Mental/Learning and Growth 

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5. Just as you did for your major definite purpose, for each goal ask why achieving it would be
important to you.
6. When you come up with an answer to the why question, ask why again.
7. If you do not have a good answer to the why question, discard that goal because you will not likely
have the passion to achieve it.
8. For each goal make a list of no less than 10 things you need to do to accomplish it.
9. Share your written goals with your spouse, friends or mentor.
10.Take the first action step right away so the train will leave the station.
In 1978, I decided that my major definite purpose was to be the preeminent transportation (highways,
airports, rail) construction lawyer in the United States.
Why was that important to me? First, it was important because I wanted to be the “go to” lawyer in a
narrow niche. Second, I wanted to pick an area that was not a crowded field. Third, I wanted to use my
government contract experience I had gained while on active duty in the Air Force. Finally, I wanted to
work for highway contractors because three of my college friends were active in family owned highway
construction businesses.
I hope these ten tips help you find success in your goal setting. Please feel free to make comments or ask
questions – one of my goals is to hear from you.

Cordell M. Parvin built a national construction practice during his 35 years practicing law. At Jenkens & Gilchrist, Mr. Parvin was the
Construction Law Practice Group Leader and was also responsible for the firm’s attorney development practice. While there he
taught client development and created a coaching program for junior partners. In 2005, Mr. Parvin left the firm and started Cordell
Parvin LLC. He now works with lawyers and law firms on career development and planning and client development. He is the 

co-author of Say Ciao to Chow Mein: Conquering Career Burnout and other books for lawyers. To learn more visit his Web site, or contact him at

Cordell Parvin LLC | |
5203 Beckington Lane | Dallas, Texas 75287 | Phone: (214) 866-0550 | Fax: (214) 866-0331

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