Oakland County Road Commission Filing Suits for Maple/Orchard Lake Roundabout

Recently, the Oakland County Road Commission has been filing suits involving properties on Orchard Lake Road.

The Oakland County Road Commission has a long-term plan to install multiple roundabouts in the area of Orchard Lake Road.  In the past few years, the Road Commission installed roundabouts at the multi-road intersection at Orchard Lake, Northwestern Highway, and Fourteen Mile Road.  Before that, roundabouts were installed on Farmington Road at Fourteen Mile and Maple. 

The Road Commission has filed a series of new lawsuits in the last month involving properties between Fourteen Mile and Maple on Orchard Lake. 

I have experience representing property owners impacted by roundabouts, which can have a serious impact on the internal flow and parking, particularly at the corners.  Roundabouts may also result in elevated grades or continuous traffic flow that impact visibility and access to parcels.  

In addition to just compensation owing for reduced land values, these taking may cause businesses to incur costs to avoid business interruption.  Therefore, both landlords and tenants have discreet claims.  These claims must be evaluated in light of lease provisions and in addition to representing property owners in condemnations, I have decades of experience relating to sophisticated commercial lease issues.