Bernie Sanders’ New You are able to team slips up

Photo: Associated Press
Democrat Bernie Sanders’ advisers messed up.

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders were stung by an editorial board meeting with the Daily News that proved damaging to his campaign, but the primary local organization advising him on New York is not saying why it failed to prevent the slip-up.

The Working Families Party, which is led by veterans of New York politics, is helping Sanders navigate the state’s tricky political waters. But either the party did not warn him of the risks of having Sanders sit down with the editorial board, or its warnings were ignored by the Sanders campaign.

“Gonna pass on this one,” emailed the Working Families Party’s New York state director, Bill Lipton, in response to an inquiry from Crain’s. “Hope you understand.”

The Daily News editorial board is known to inquire about questions which will make candidates look unaware, print verbatim excerpts of the solutions, then highlight the reactions in scathing articles and reviews. The paper has additionally been attempting to combat a precipitous loss of circulation with aggressive, opinionated front-page headlines. The mixture of things makes editorial board conferences using the News a dangerous proposition for candidates, with perhaps limited upside: An endorsement in the newspaper (or any newspaper) does not slowly move the needle the actual way it did years back.

Furthermore, its writer, Mort Zuckerman, is really a millionaire who leans Republican. Sanders continues to be railing about continuously about billionaires and Republicans throughout his campaign. A level bigger factor is the fact that Zuckerman, who considered running for U.S. Senate like a Republican, can also be very pro-Israel, whereas Sanders includes a more balanced look at that nation’s conflict using the Palestinians, including his thought that a number of Israel’s reactions to Palestinian actions happen to be disproportionate. The senator’s position is viewed as a unfaithfulness of Israel by its difficult-line supporters, such as the National Review and also the Daily News, which called it “frightening” inside a blistering, breathless editorial. Given his position on Israel, Sanders’ chances for any Daily News endorsement were minimal, if he’d any chance whatsoever.

The Sanders campaign’s decision to satisfy using the paper’s board indicates that his group of friends doesn’t know much about New You are able to City which people from the Sanders team that do, namely leaders from the Working Families Party, weren’t consulted or simply made the incorrect call. Possibly they assumed the Daily News’ harsh management of Jesse Trump in recent several weeks would be a sign that it might be favorable to Sanders. So, Sanders walked in unprepared to have an ambush, even falling for that gotcha question, “How can you jump on the subway today?” (Sanders clarified, “You receive a token and also you enter.Inch)

Hillary Clinton also met using the Daily News editorial board, speaking a great deal but saying hardly any, based on writer Linda Stasi. Nevertheless, the paper’s coverage from the meeting was fairly tame.