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Business Development: Save Your Time and Do Less!

Most lawyers I know jam their calendars each day with more than two people could accomplish in a week. Is this you? It’s a vicious cycle because we feel terrible not being able to accomplish what’s on the list… instead of feeling great about what was accomplished. We literally sabotage our success and the feeling of accomplishment! Now, how ridiculous is that! Maybe it’s time to start looking at things differently. I read a blog post by Alex Cavoulacos from an online magazine at WeWork, that makes a lot of sense… One Founders Best Productivity Trick: Save time and do less.

Cavoulacos proposes questions that will help you save time and do less.

1. Do You Say No? Most people have a deep need to be liked. As a result, we say yes to almost everything that’s asked of us, which makes it impossible to do everything well, and zaps our time and productivity.

Like a lawyer you will find big reasons you are feeling compelled to state yes… you’re requested from your partners or clients that need a yes. But there’s still a method to control the burden and stress. You are able to say… “Yes, will next Tuesday meet your needs?Inches Whenever you do that you can to gauge the emergency from the matter, since many people are not suggesting that you drop everything you’re doing to deal with their matter. However when emergency is required you’ve allow the person realize that you cannot reach it until next Tuesday, to allow them to decide to proceed to ask another person. And you’ve got the chance to decrease what you’re doing to assist with this particular matter.

2. Are You Delegating Enough? Whether or not you’re a manager, there are opportunities to delegate to colleagues. If you’re doing everything yourself, and think “it’s just faster for me to do it,” you may be a delegatophobe. Take a good look at your tasks over the last week—are all of those really your job description?

This can be a never-ending cycle for lawyers. Yes, it might be faster to do it yourself now… but when that occurs several occasions, not too! Frequently occasions it might be a lot more efficient should you used your time it should educate someone the way you such as the task done… consequently it’s permanently off the office, saving a an even bigger slice of time.

3. Is Everything on Your To-Do List Necessary? Don’t consider an endless to-do list a challenge to get it all done, when it’s in fact a challenge to prioritize. If you haven’t done a task in weeks, or it’s always what’s pushed to a later date that might be a sign that it’s not actually necessary.

Consider NECESSARY versus. DISLIKE. Frequently occasions we place the things we don’t look foward to towards the finish from the priority list. And it is usually business development activities that you simply don’t look foward to. Determine an additional way to accomplish exactly the same outcome… something look foward to.

4. Are All of the Recurring Meetings on Your Calendar Necessary? Cancel any that aren’t impactful or that could be replaced by an email update. For meetings you keep, reassess if the format, length, and attendees are contributing to their effectiveness. As entrepreneur Jim Belosic explains, this saves both time and money—a one-hour meeting with 17 employees who make an average of $40,000 per year costs $232.88. Yikes.

I must explain that in an attorney individuals dollar figures are crazy! Six people: 2 partners, 3 associates and something legal assistant, might cost you $1500 – $2000 in non-billable time. That’s a really pricey meeting!

5. Are You a Slave to Your Inbox? Speaking of things you don’t need to do: You do not need to answer every email that comes in. Give yourself permission to archive irrelevant cold emails and FYI emails you’re cc:ed or bcc:ed on. And while you’re at it, unsubscribe from anything you don’t read (no, you don’t need to read every ecommerce newsletter you get signed up for). Saying no to email is key to making time for real work.

A vital technique for controlling email is To not look in internet marketing any time you hear an e-mail are available in. Consider this… should you be having a client you’d focus on that meeting and obtain for your emails whenever you finish. Why don’t you adopt exactly the same strategy through your entire day and just review emails every an hour. Imagine just how much better you can focus on your pressing focal points.

Productivity is about setting priorities and not letting outside forces hijack your time. Give me a call today if you’d like to discuss this further!