Petition For Writ of Certiorari

Questions Presented:

1. In 1969, this Court locked in Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC, 395 U.S. 367 (1969), the First Amendment permits the federal government to limit it of broadcasters with techniques this Court would not tolerate in other media. This Court based the excellence around the view that at that time, only broadcasters-and just a number of broadcasters, at this-could achieve American families in the persons inner sanctum. Now countless loudspeakers can achieve American families in the persons inner sanctum, and nearly otherwise, with almost limitless audiovisual content. If this should Court overrule Red Lion’s outdated rationale for diminishing the very first Amendment protection of broadcasters?

2. At least, considering this Court’s decision in People U . s . v. FEC, 558 U.S. 310 (2010), using strict scrutiny to bans on compensated political messages which are “broadcast,” does strict scrutiny affect laws and regulations prohibiting broadcasters from transmitting compensated political messages?

3. In conjuction with the prevailing approach within the courts of appeals, will a ban on speech fail intermediate scrutiny when the only evidence before Congress allegedly connecting the ban towards the interest the government seeks to succeed includes uncertainty missing any concrete factual support?

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